Provides Several Options

Whether you are just beginning, or you have been riding for years, Highlands Phoenix has training options available for you.  We provide programs and courses developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and approved by the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP) for state license endorsement.  We also provide special private training to develop skills in a no-pressure environment.  Our private training is available to all skill levels; including to those who have never ridden a motorcycle.

Once you have made the decision to ride a motorcycle, this is the course for you. This course is geared toward new riders, returning riders, and skills development for seasoned riders.  There are approximately five hours of classroom study combined with ten hours of riding instruction split over two exciting days.  Successful completion of this course is generally required for the State of Florida Motorcycle Endorsement or Motorcycle Only License.  Motorcycles, helmets, and books are provided during this course.  It is also possible to receive insurance discounts using your course completion card, issued to successful riders.  We use top-notch RiderCoaches and receive hundreds of positive testimonials from former students regarding this course.  We welcome you to sign up here.

Formerly known as The Experienced Rider Course or (ERC), the new (BRC2) is provided for riders who already have basic motorcycle skills and their own motorcycle.  This course will not satisfy the State of Florida Motorcycle Endorsement requirements.  However, if you wish to improve your skills on your own motorcycle or you have not ridden in a while; then this course may be for you.  The course is completed in one day and you will ride at some higher speeds than you did previously in the (BRC).  This is an excellent bike bonding course while simultaneously being fun and exciting.  You can hone your cornering and braking techniques on your own motorcycle while gaining a much better understanding of traction control methodology. Passengers are permitted and you can learn effective methods of riding as a team.  Riding courses are continuously updated with new information based upon extensive road studies.  Therefore, we recommend that all students return at a minimum of bi-annually with their own motorcycles to take this course.  It is a great way to refresh your skills after long breaks from motorcycling.  If you haven’t ridden for over a year, we encourage you to take this course before heading into heavy traffic environments. You can register here.

Private training is an essential service that we offer to our students.  It applies to all skill levels, because we all have more to learn.  Our most frequent patronage comes from students who are not quite ready for the Basic Rider Course.  This a superb opportunity to develop some basic skills and familiarity with the operation of a motorcycle.  It starts with two hours of private lessons focusing on your most needed skills.  You can continue at an hourly rate to develop or hone skills at your own pace.  Feel free to contact us at (941) 268 – 6888 for more information or to discuss specific concerns for private lessons.

Experienced Rider Course (ERC) (BRC2)

Advanced Skills on your own Motorcycle
  • Bond with your own motorcycle
  • Bring your motorcycle
  • Not for Florida Endorsement
(ERC) (BRC2)

Private Training

Personal Training with a Two Hour Minimum
  • Private Basic Skills Development
  • Learn without evaluation Pressure
  • Motorcycle Provided
  • Train as long as you like
Private Training

Basic Rider Course (BRC)

This is the course required to obtain your State of Florida Motorcycle Endorsement


Experienced Rider Course (ERC) (BRC2)

This course is designed to practice skills which will help you bond with your own motorcycle.


Private Training

Private Training and remedial coaching is available at an hourly rate.

Special Coaching