Highlands Phoenix

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Iron Phoenix Motorcycle Training, Inc.

Est. February 21st, 2000 (Reorganized January 02, 2017)

Highlands is a long established and well respected motorcycle training company.  Over 10,000 students have attended our school to obtain their State of Florida Motorcycle License Endorsement.  Additionally, many of those students have returned to expand on their skills with our Experienced Rider Course (ERC).  We have hundreds of positive testimonials submitted from students and we appreciate all of the wonderful feedback.  Our goal has always been to provide a positive and safe environment for individuals to solidify their motorcycle skills.  We believe in our methods because we have refined them and continue to refine them to meet modern demands.

“Word of Mouth” has been one of our largest paths to long established success.  Additionally, Kevin Wayne, the newest CEO, hand picks RiderCoaches to work with students.  Kevin’s philosophy is: “Great Coaches Inspire Success”.  As such; Kevin spends countless hours refining the skills of his coaches.  The positive working environment at Highlands leads to a positive experience for students.  All of his coaches are avid motorcycle enthusiasts who believe in making this sport safer and enjoyable.

We encourage you not only to take our word on it, but also to visit our testimonials page and read through our prior students’ reviews.